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Global Zero Waste

We are a leading international non-governmental organization (NGO) at the forefront of innovation and implementation of the circular economy through the Zero Waste model. We foster synergies between the public, private, and civil society sectors.

We offer sustainable solutions through technical tools grounded in research and innovation processes, specialized education, and project development.



Our mission is to promote the Zero Waste model globally by providing circular economy solutions.


By 2030, we envision ourselves as an internationally recognized organization known for our leadership and impact in generating sustainability solutions.

Leaders in innovation and implementation of Circular Economy models

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Our history


  • First initiatives

Citizen initiatives emerge in response to the closure of the Doña Juana landfill in the city of Bogotá, D. C., Colombia. These initiatives led to campaigns such as "Desembólsate (un-bag yourself) to promote the rational use of bags", "Return to the basket", and "Put your shoulder in the rubble".


  • Inception of the first project

The "Zero Waste Municipalities" project was developed. This initiative focused on comprehensive organic waste management in the eastern province of the department of Boyacá, Colombia, with a territorial approach.


  • Formation of a transdisciplinary team

A team from various disciplines was formed to promote the Zero Waste model in Bogotá, Colombia.


  • Emergence of organized civil society

The "Zero Waste Bogotá Citizen Collective" was established. This civil society group, composed of various actors, sought sustainable solutions in comprehensive solid waste management and applied circular economy.


  • Establishment of Bogotá Zero Waste

A Non-Governmental Organization was established with a focus on the development of socio-environmental projects in cities.


  • Expansion of scope

Due to the successful implementation of the model in major cities of Colombia, the organization transitioned to Zero Waste Colombia, thereby expanding its reach within the country.


  • Research and innovation

The process of researching and modeling Zero Waste Management Systems for local and corporate governments began, establishing itself as a national standard with global impact.


  • Certification

The Certification in Zero Waste Management Systems was launched in collaboration with the standardization and certification body, ICONTEC.


  • Transition to Global Zero Waste

Considering Colombia's advancements as a leading country in the Circular Economy and waste management in Latin America and the Caribbean, the organization expanded its service lines at a regional level.


  • Global Zero Waste Standard

Given the global impact of the organization's lines of action, the Global Standard Zero Waste was established as an international tool for the Circular Economy and Zero Waste.


  • Voluntary Programme on Circular Economy

The Voluntary Programme on Circular Economy was consolidated for the management of the flow of materials with a plastic recycling methodology."

Zero Waste Team

Zero Waste Team

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Sandra Milena

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Sandra Milena Pinzón
President & Founder

I have successfully enabled over 100 organizations to scale their processes with tangible outcomes in materials management. I spearhead the Zero Waste Global Standard, a comprehensive suite of programs, methodologies, and projects that guide organizations and territories towards excellence in holistic waste management and aid in the transition to a circular economy. This initiative boasts a community of more than 1200 certified internal auditors. I am the orchestrator of the Voluntary Circular Economy Program (PVEC), which aims to issue plastic credits. I bring to the table over 25 years of experience in public policy formulation, program management, and education. Additionally, I have co-authored various publications on sustainability and the circular economy. Throughout my career, I have participated as an international speaker and observer at Climate Change Summits. 

I hold a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management from the Universidad de los Andes, and have completed The Executive Training Program on Environmental Peacebuilding at Columbia University’s Earth Institute, as well as the Global Sustainable Business Program at the University of Vermont. I can help your organization achieve its Sustainable Development Goals, which will be reflected in its performance and efficiency indicators. 

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Diego Camilo Romero

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Diego Romero
Executive Vicepresident
Chief Operating Officer LATAM

I am responsible for leading the strategic initiatives and technical teams within our organization. My primary focus is on the design and development of management tools that are applied to the flow of materials within organizations, as well as conducting applied research for sustainability in Latin America.

I have experience in teaching, specialized training in sustainability and circular economy, development of public policies and design of technical standards and processes for circularity in the flow of materials. 

I'm an Environmental Administrator and Master in Sustainable Development and Environmental Management. I can teach and assist you in the application of the Global Zero Waste Standard tools. 

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Gloria Vera
Chief Financial Officer and International Business
Chief Operating Officer USA

I lead and supervise the processes, programs, and projects of the Global Zero Waste Standard for the United States of America's market. I am in charge of all financial operations, asset management, and technology related to the operation to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization.

I have extensive experience in efficient financial management, strategic planning, resource optimization and the implementation of effective methods to boost the growth and profitability of organizations.

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Alberto Díaz

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Alberto Díaz
Innovation Director
Technical Director of ZWMS Certification

With a fervor for sustainability, I have been involved in the training processes of the circular economy in Global Zero Waste for over a decade. During this time, we have delivered more than 800 hours of training and educated over 3,000 individuals. I had the privilege to co-author the Zero Waste Management System Manual in collaboration with the entire Standardization Committee, a feat that has led to the certification of more than 50 organizations globally.

Currently, my focus is on leading the Zero Waste Management System Certification program and fostering creativity to enhance efficiency in the organization’s processes.

MSc. in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Administrator with experience in formulation and implementation of circular economy projects and integrated management systems.

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Andres Cortés

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Andrés Cortés Caro
VPCE Director

I lead the Voluntary Programme on Circular Economy (VPCE) for the voluntary certification of materials, in which the reduction and recirculation of plastics are certified. I support in the review of Programme or Project on Circular Economy Materials (PCEM) and consolidation of new PVEC growth opportunities. I have more than 10 years in the environmental sector with a focus on sustainable development, climate action and circular economy, I participated in the development of the National Circular Economy Strategy and its implementation, in addition, in the development and implementation of the Carbon Neutral Colombia Strategy.

I'm a Master in Environmental Management with studies at Tsinghua University, and I can help your organization achieve economic, social and environmental benefits through material recovery and the circular economy.

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Liliana Fonseca

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Liliana Fonseca
Business Development Officer 

I am responsible for leading the project management division and coordinating the strategic alliance between Cercarbono and Global Zero Waste within the framework of the Voluntary Programme on Circular Economy (VPCE). This program ensures the registration of the Programme or Project on Circular Economy Materials (PCEM), the certification of emissions, and the registration of Circular Economy Credits (CEC) for individuals, corporations, and the general public. Additionally, I can provide support in the development of new ventures in the Zero Waste Management System (ZWMS), circular economy, education, and integrated waste management. 

I'm a Sanitary Engineer with experience in the water and basic sanitation sector and research in circular economy.  I am equipped to assist you in the creation of your new circular economy program. 

David Pinto

David Leonardo

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David Pinto
Director of Zero Waste Events International Standard
Projects Engineer 

I lead the certification, advisory, and consulting projects for over 80 organizations within the Zero Waste Management System certification program. My role ensures that these organizations meet their proposed objectives. Additionally, I lead and develop the technological strategies of Global Zero Waste and technical tools that organizations can utilize for the implementation of their strategies. These strategies are based on the circular economy and the Zero Waste model.

I have the privilege of leading the Recognition under the International Standard Zero Waste Events, of which I am a co-author. Through this, we have achieved the recognition of several events that have applied the standard and met their goals for the reduction of material, carbon, energy, and water footprints. These achievements are related and framed from the processes under the Zero Waste model.

As an Environmental Engineer and Internal Auditor in ISO standards for Quality, Environmental, and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, I bring more than 10 years of experience and professionalism in issues related to sustainability, Integrated Solid Waste Management, Integrated Management Systems, and the development of sustainability programs. My expertise extends to continuous improvement in processes, development of analysis and management tools, and participation in the formulation of public policies and Sustainable Procurement Manuals.

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Ruth Bibiana

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Ruth Benitez
Compliance & Quality Coordinator

Throughout my professional journey, I have held a significant role in managing and monitoring projects associated with the Zero Waste Management System (ZWMS), as well as in education and training processes.

My interdisciplinary approach has empowered me to enhance and establish connections between administrative, technical, and marketing components. This ensures the optimization of processes, efficient management of resources, and alignment of strategies to fulfill the objectives set by the organizations.

With a background in Environmental Management, Environmental Management and Public Services. I can help you certify your organization in the ZWMS and acquire the necessary training to do so.

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Juan Pablo
León Rueda

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Juan Pablo
Communication and Media Manager

I'm a passionate graphic designer and photographer, specialized in creating high impact visual content. I am in charge of planning and executing Global Zero Waste's communication strategy for the promotion of the Global Zero Waste Standard.

My professional experience encompasses collaborations with both the public and private sectors, including the Mayor’s Office of Bogota and the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia, where I led communication and strategy initiatives. I am recognized for my dedication, creativity, and commitment to enhancing the client experience. 

I'm currently part of this exciting project and am available to collaborate on future opportunities within the organization.

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Yazmin Aguirre

I have experience in accounting, organization, and comprehension of financial data, budget management, and strategic planning. I possess skills in accurate reporting and adherence to accounting regulations, which enable me to identify opportunities for cost savings, resource optimization, and enhanced operational efficiencies.

As an accountant, I ensure that the financial information is current and accurately represents the state of Global Zero Waste. This allows its managers to have access to sufficient and high-quality information for decision-making purposes.

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