Circular Economy: Public policies, cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship

Proceedings of the XIII International Environmental Congress

This document provides a synthesis and analysis of the primary conclusions and recommendations put forth by national and international speakers who participated in the XIII International Environmental Congress. The theme of the congress was “Circular Economy: public policies, cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship”. The congress was organized by the Center for Studies for Sustainable Development, CEID Colombia, and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), with the support of W2W and Global Zero Waste. The event took place on October 19 and 20, 2020, in Bogotá, Colombia. The views and information expressed herein do not necessarily represent the perspectives and ideologies of KAS, CEID, and Global Zero Waste.

This publication is intended solely as a guide or reference material and does not serve as professional advice. No guarantees, either explicit or implicit, are provided regarding the accuracy of the recommendations contained within this document. To the extent permissible by law, the Center for Sustainable Development Studies, CEID Colombia, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), and Global Zero Waste do not accept or assume any responsibility, obligation, or duty of care for any consequences arising from any individual's actions or inactions based on the information presented in this document."

Document language: Spanish

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