Zero Waste Management System Certification

What's the Zero Waste Management System certification about?

It's the conformity assessment of the International Standard on Zero Waste Management Systems by an independent Validation and Verification Body (VVB).

The Zero Waste Management System (ZWMS) is a circular economy tool that promotes strategies for the reduction, reuse and recycling of materials and solid waste. Its high-level organizational structure is designed to enhance performance and efficiency over time.

The ZWMS empowers organizations to voluntarily pursue excellence in materials and solid waste management, aligning with the international Zero Waste model. As highlighted in the Gap Report 2023 humanity consumes an astounding 100 billion tons of materials annually, yet only 7.2% of these materials are recirculated. The implementation of the ZWMS significantly reduces the volume of waste generated daily and subsequently sent to final disposal, thereby contributing to a more sustainable future.

What is the process for obtaining certification in the International Standard Zero Waste Management System?

The ZWMS assesses the application of the 9 Rs (reject, rethink, reduce, reuse, repair, restore, remanufacture, recover parts, and recycle) within facilities, areas, processes, or waste. This assessment aims to promote the closure of technical and biological cycles and enhance the comprehensive management of solid waste. By doing so, it encourages the reduction and recirculation of materials, thereby fostering the creation of new markets and services within the circular economy worldwide.

How to certify your organization?

STEP 1: Learn about the certification in the Zero Waste Management System

We invite you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the structure, content, and key considerations involved in the development of the system. We recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our esteemed experts in the ZWMS certification. They will conduct a detailed analysis of your organization and provide guidance on the subsequent steps.

STEP 2: Start the formulation process of the Zero Waste Management System
  • Join the esteemed network of global organizations dedicated to fostering a cleaner, sustainable, and waste-free environment by registering on our platform.
  • We also recommend familiarizing yourself with the Zero Waste Management System.
STEP 3: Implement the Zero Waste Management System

By implementing the International Standard Zero Waste Management System, your organization stands to reap numerous benefits. These include environmental, economic, operational, and branding advantages, all of which are made possible through the comprehensive management of solid waste.

STEP 4: Obtain certification for the Zero Waste Management System

The Zero Waste Management System is certified by globally recognized Validation and Verification Bodies (VVB). These bodies conduct independent and external audits, ensuring a holistic view of your opportunities for continuous improvement.

Case studies of successful Zero Waste organizations

Initiate your certification process

Make the payment for the Zero Waste Management System Membership to the savings account No. 009037884 at Itaú bank and attach your payment support through the ‘Send voucher’ button. If you have any questions, please contact an advisor through the WhatsApp channel we have available for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the responses to the most posed inquiries regarding the certification in the Zero Waste Management System. 
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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Zero Waste Organizations

OrganizaciónCountryStatusCategoría de Certificación
Industria Nacional de Gaseosas Femsa BucaramangaColombiaCertifiedGold
Industria Nacional de Gaseosas Femsa CaliColombiaCertifiedGold
Industria Nacional de Gaseosas Femsa ManantialColombiaCertifiedGold
Industria Nacional de Gaseosas Femsa MedellínColombiaCertifiedGold
Jardinería Pulido S.A.S.ColombiaCertifiedGold
Mineros Aluvial S.A.S. BICColombiaCertifiedGold
Procaps S.A.ColombiaCertifiedGold
Softys Colombia S.A. (Drypers)ColombiaCertifiedGold
Softys Gachancipá S.A. (Protisa)ColombiaCertifiedGold
Softys Ecuador (Productos Tissue del Ecuador S.A.)EcuadorCertifiedGold
Softys Uruguay (Industria Papelera Uruguaya S.A.)UruguayCertifiedGold
Sun Chemical Colombia S.A.S.ColombiaCertifiedGold
Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Campus Medellín y Montería)ColombiaCertifiedGold
Universidad Simón BolívarColombiaCertifiedGold
Virutex Ilko Colombia S.A.S.ColombiaCertifiedGold
Dragon Colombia S.A.S.ColombiaCertifiedGold
Colombina S.A - La PailaColombiaCertifiedGold
Comestibles Ricos - Super RicasColombiaCertifiedGold
Administrative Department of Social ProsperityColombiaCertifiedGold
Gases de Occidente S.A. E.S.P.ColombiaCertifiedGold
Grupo Darnel - Ajover (Brasil)BrasilCertifiedGold
Iberplast S.A.ColombiaCertifiedGold
Pavimentos Colombia S.A.S.ColombiaCertifiedGold
Plásticos y Maderas Reciclables S.A.S.ColombiaCertifiedGold
Softys Argentina S.A.ArgentinaCertifiedGold
Flores el Trigal S.A.S.ColombiaCertifiedGold
Litoplas S.A.ColombiaCertifiedGold
Civil AviationColombiaCertifiedGold
Medellín City HallColombiaCertifiedGold
Auteco Mobility S.A.S.ColombiaCertifiedGold
Autotécnica Colombiana S.A.S. - AutecoColombiaCertifiedGold
Blanco y Negro MasivoColombiaCertifiedGold
Caja de Compensación Familiar de FENALCO - COMFENALCO QUÍNDIOColombiaCertifiedGold
Casa LimpiaColombiaCertifiedGold
Atlantis Plaza MallColombiaCertifiedGold
Centro Comercial Santafé - BogotáColombiaCertifiedGold
Colombina del Cauca S.A.ColombiaCertifiedGold
Compañía Energética de Occidente S.A.S.ColombiaCertifiedGold
Embotelladora de la Sabana S.A.S. TocancipáColombiaCertifiedGold
Fideicomiso Opain S.A. - Aeropuerto El DoradoColombiaCertifiedGold
COFAI S.A.S. E.S.P.ColombiaCertifiedGold
Government Entity of AntioquiaColombiaCertifiedGold
Grupo Darnel - Ajover (Colombia)ColombiaCertifiedGold
Industria Nacional de Gaseosas Femsa BarranquillaColombiaCertifiedGold
Industria Nacional de Gaseosas Femsa BogotáColombiaCertifiedGold
Grupo Empresarial La Dolores S.A.S.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Corporación Financiera Davivienda S.A.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Simoniz S.A.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Oleoducto de los Llanos Orientales S.A.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Buen Café - Federación Nacional de CafeterosColombiaIn progressIn progress
Empresa de Acueducto y Alcantarillado de Bogotá - EAAB E.S.P.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Universidad de la SabanaColombiaIn progressIn progress
Canacol Energy Colombia S.A.S.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Colombiana De Extrusión S A ExtrucolColombiaIn progressIn progress
Nuestro Bogotá Propiedad HorizontalColombiaIn progressIn progress
Cámara de Comercio de CasanareColombiaIn progressIn progress
Empacor S.A.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Falabella de Colombia S.A.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Promigas S.A. E.S.P.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
TQ- Tecnoquímicas - Tecnosur S.A.S.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Alsec Alimentos Secos S.A.S.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Italcol S.A.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Italcol Occidente S.A.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Grupo UMAZF S.A.S.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Softys Chile S.P.A. (Talagante)ChileIn progressIn progress
Organización Terpel S.A.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Inversiones GIUNI S.A.S.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
ProenfarColombiaIn progressIn progress
AAK Colombia S.A.S.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
INTECPLASTColombiaIn progressIn progress
UPL Colombia S.A.S.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Vélez Lab S.A.S.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
CANPACK Colombia S.A.S.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Universidad Militar Nueva GranadaColombiaIn progressIn progress
Servicios Empresariales de Aseo S.A.S. E.S.P. BICColombiaIn progressIn progress
TUBOSAColombiaIn progressIn progress
B. ALTMAN & COMPAÑIA S.A.S.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
SOFTYS PERÚPerúIn progressIn progress
GECELCA 3 S.A. E.S.P.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Centro Comercial Centro MayorColombiaIn progressIn progress
Indugráficas S.A.S.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
C.C. Plaza Central - MultiplikaColombiaIn progressIn progress
Christus Sinergia Clínica FarallonesColombiaIn progressIn progress
Hospital Universitario del Valle Evaristo GarcíaColombiaIn progressIn progress
Clínica de los RemediosColombiaIn progressIn progress
Clínica de OccidenteColombiaIn progressIn progress
Gmóvil S.A.S.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
GENFAR Desarrollo y Manufactura S.A.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
PGI Colombia LTDA - Berry GlobalColombiaIn progressIn progress
Banco de BogotáColombiaIn progressIn progress
Almacenes Corona S.A.S.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
C.C. Grupo Viva EnvigadoColombiaIn progressIn progress
C.C. Grupo Viva SincelejoColombiaIn progressIn progress
C.C. Grupo Viva Las PalmasColombiaIn progressIn progress
C.C. Grupo Viva La CejaColombiaIn progressIn progress
C.C. Grupo Viva BarranquillaColombiaIn progressIn progress
Francoal S.A.S.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Centro Integral de Servicios Punto Clave - Propiedad HorizontalColombiaIn progressIn progress
Sociedad Portuaria Puerto Bahía S.A.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Cooperativa Multiactiva Reciclaje InteligenteColombiaIn progressIn progress
Plásticos Rimax S.A.S.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Premium Plaza P.H.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Ecodiesel Colombia S.A.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Bessac Andina S.A.S.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Fundación Parque Jaime DuqueColombiaIn progressIn progress
TWM S.A.S.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Industria Militar INDUMILColombiaIn progressIn progress
Zona Franca Central Cervecera S.A.S.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
Softys Brasil LTDABrasilIn progressIn progress
Belleza Express S.A.ColombiaIn progressIn progress
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